How blogging is beneficial for freelancers 5 Tips to produce online earning by blogging


Online earning by blogging

Having trouble coming up with ideas for how “blogging” is beneficial for freelancers?

It can take a lot of time and effort to come up with fresh ideas for proven ways on how “blogging” is beneficial for freelancers. If you are writing posts and other materials for websites you have the opportunities to earn online.

Finding a terrific content concept that will appeal to your audience as a whole and get you the right traffic is even more difficult.

It can take hours, days, or even weeks to write a fantastic blog post, so it’s important to do your research to make sure your post will be seen by the people you want to target. Unlike other “make money online” articles, this is a comprehensive guide on how to make money at home legitimately, using blogging and WordPress we have given top proven ways of blogging.


In this post we provide you the ideas about:

How “blogging” used to generate profit for freelancing


  • Ideas for related freelance writers’ articles
  • Examples of real-world freelance writers’ blogs and topics to boost your online work.
  • Proven guidelines and tactics for finding the ideal freelance writers blog posts to enhance your income by freelance business of writings.



1- Document your blog writing wins

Better-paying blogging clients are actively seeking writers with a proven track record of getting a ton of comments, social shares, traffic, and clicks to opt-in pages.

Here we have discusses the proven ways to make money online blogging. If you have any blog posts online that fit this bill, start a link archive. These are what you’re going to send prospects, to impress them that you deserve top rates. For instance, if I’m going after a blogging gig now, I send them the stats on how much traffic I drove with my blog channel, with a relatively small number of posts:

Don’t have big wins yet? Start thinking about where you could guest, even for free, and get some. Increasingly, great blogging clients are actively approaching (and poaching) the writers they want, from wherever they’ve seen them driving tons of shares or massive traffic.

Even one post you wrote that got 1,000 or more shares or 100 comments is a good starting point for impressing prospects.




 2- Write sponsored posts

Stop trying to talk small businesses into giving you professional rates for writing posts on their tiny little blog. Instead, tap into the booming market in writing advertorial-type sponsored posts on popular sites for major companies.

To begin, sleuth out the popular platforms that accept sponsored posts (which are also known as native advertising). Then, connect with the agencies or departments overseeing sponsored content development for that site.

For instance, Forbes Brand Voice oversees content creation for many big companies placing sponsored posts on — and writers report to me they’re booking tens of thousands in income per year, writing for top brands there.

Rates for sponsored posts should range from $200-$600 and up. Sponsored-post rates are better because it’s essentially advertising, though the post should still be focused on delivering useful content. Companies understand the connection between ads and revenue, so they pay appropriately.



3- Work a niche

I’ve never shared this little secret before…but for a while, I had several small-business finance blogging clients. And I wrote the exact same post topics for all of them, every month!

I would take the topics I’d blogged about for Entrepreneur, and write those topics again for my small-biz clients.

Completely different headline, post, and quotes. A total rewrite, usually with a slightly fresh slant on the topic, designed to appeal to their audience. But in essence, the same post idea.

If you gather blogging clients in a single niche that aren’t directly competitive with each other, you can retool the same ideas and save yourself a ton of time. Your clients will never be the wiser, while you can reuse links, experts, and tips.

My hourly rate on writing the second and third iterations of those topics was upwards of $150 an hour — sticking to my niche made earning well from blogging super-easy



4- Think longform

The days of 300-word posts are over. Google now favours 1000-2000 word posts, and there’s a ton of demand for freelance writers to create these more sophisticated, high-value posts. You know the CEO doesn’t have time for this level of content development, and probably can’t write well enough to pull it off, anyway!

Look for good clients in this niche by studying popular platforms on topics that interest you. Look for site ranking charts for blogs in your niche — or hit your favorite analytics tool such as SEMRush to find the big players.

Subscribe, read, and see who’s featuring longform posts. You should be earning $300-$600 and up per post for these — or more, if the subject is particularly arcane or complex.


5- Connect with digital agencies

A number of digital agencies have sprung up in the past few years that specialize in better online content development — a recent guest post here profiled 4 emerging agencies. They’re serving as intermediaries between writers with a track record of driving engagement with blog posts and companies that need that help.

These agencies are a step beyond content mills, and don’t make you bid competitively against hundreds of others — prices are set, and they hand-cull who they invite to do each gig. I’ve gotten $300-$400 per post from one of these scenarios, and am hearing about $500 gigs, too.

Yes, these agencies don’t take all comers. If you don’t have the resume to get in with these yet, be working on building your track record so you can impress them soon.

Finally, It makes me thrilled to write that! I have long argued for higher writer pay rates and urged blog writers to demand more. Remember that you can get there with even less postings if you conduct an upsell and include a unique report or brief e-book in the mix.