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Two Giants European Car companies are coming to PAKISTAN

Two huge autos are set to enter Pakistan’s volatile automobile sector. Premier Motors Limited (PML) is developing manufacturing plant in Hub, Balochistan, to locally assemble Volkswagen (VW) and Skoda vehicles.

German Consul General, Dr. Rüdiger Lotz, visited the under-construction manufacturing plant.
He stated that PML and VW Group will locally get to gather premium Skoda and VW cars for the first time in Pakistan.
In spite of the fact that Skoda Auto is based in the Czech Republic, VW owns and manages it.

As per details, the plant will be completed by 2024 and will have the size to produce 32,000 units per year.

  • German Counsel also said that Pakistan needs foreign venture during this unsteady period. They’ll not only generate more revenue but also create jobs and increase exports, thereby improving overall economic activity.

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