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Pakistan Flour Mills Association threatened Hold a Strike on Feb, 14

LAHORE: Flour mill owners have threatened to hold a strike on February 14 after suspending stock deliveries to the markets.

Chaudhry Iftikhar Ahmad Mattu, chairman of the Punjab chapter of the Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA), stated that he would call a strike on February 14 if the provincial food department did not comply with their demands.

Chaudhry Iftikhar Ahmad Mattu, chairman of the PFMA Punjab, said at a press conference that the provincial food secretary used bad behavior and bad policies.

He claimed that the food secretary’s erroneous policies had an impact on the supply of flour stocks. He went on to say that numerous flour mills were closed. He made the announcement that the government will no longer provide flour mills with a wheat quota beginning on February 13.

Mattu went on to observe a strike after announcing that the flour mills would stop supplying the markets with flour on February 14. He demanded that the Punjab department of food accept their demands right away.

The Karachi Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association announced today that it will unilaterally raise milk prices by Rs20 per liter beginning on February 11.

The spokesperson for the Dairy Farmers Association claims that the rise in the cost of fuel and fodder has forced them to raise milk prices.

While the official rate has been set at Rs180, milk is currently being sold in the metropolis for Rs190. The price of milk per liter will soar to Rs210 following the increase.

Recently, Commissioner Karachi ordered the closure of dairy shops that were selling milk at higher prices and the carrying out of operations.