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50,000MT Russian Wheat Arrived Gwadar Pakistan

BUSINESS:Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) Chairman Pasand Khan Buledi confirmed on Thursday that the first of the nine ships carrying 50,000 metric tons of wheat from Russia to Pakistan reached the port of Gwadar.

According to Buledi, the Gwadar International Terminal Limited (GITL) and the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) had already reached an agreement to handle the wheat import.

Nine ships will transport the 450,000 metric tons of wheats that Pakistan will import. He stated, “The first ship, MV Leela Chennai, has arrived at Gwadar port with 50,000 metric tons of wheat.”

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Buledi emphasized that the agreement to import such a large quantity of wheats was a significant step toward increasing Gwadar port’s natural capacity as a logistics hub in the region.


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