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KPK Govt To Ensure Stockade Of Flour, Cooking Oil: Minister Fazal Elahi


PESHAWAR:KP Overseer minister  for Food, Fazal Elahi has said that the commonplace government has endorsed the Food Stronghold Bill, which would be executed soon to guarantee necessary stronghold of flour, cooking oil and ghee in the area.

According to an official handout that was released on Wednesday, he was delivering a speech at a function in a local hotel about how to improve oil, ghee, and flour.

Nutrition International and KP Food Safety & Halal Food Authority (KP FS-HFA) collaborated on the organization of the event. In addition, representatives of the Ghee Mills Association, KP FS & HFA, the departments of food, health, Planning & Development (P&D), and other relevant national and international organizations were present.

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The interim minister stated that a significant number of children in our nation face a food shortage, noting that the federal and provincial governments are taking steps to remedy the lack of food, particularly vitamins and iron.

He stated that children’s health depends on eating well-balanced food. He stated that 125 countries are also adding iodine to salt and making food fortification mandatory.

He said that projects like food fortification are important because they give departments and industries in the public sector a chance to build their capacity.

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The caretaker minister praised Nutrition International’s work with the food fortification program, urged the flour milling and cooking oil industries to help the government fill vitamin deficiencies, and promised them all possible cooperation on behalf of the provincial government.

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