Toyota Corolla Car Price Once Again Surges In Pakistan

toyota corolla price


Indus Motor Company (IMC), the manufacturer and distributor of Toyota branded vehicles in Pakistan, has once again increased the price corolla of its cars.

The new rates, which will be effective from March 10, have  raised by as much as Rs2.017 million. In a letter to its dealers, IMC cited economic uncertainties, exchange rate issues, and an increase in sales tax as reasons for the price hike.

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The company stated that the volatile situation of the rupee against the dollar has impacted the cost of manufacturing, making it difficult for IMC to maintain the current prices.

“We are compell to pass on some impact to the market. Additionally, the  Pakistan govt vide SRO. 297(1)/2023) dated March 8 2023, has enhanced the rate of Sales Tax to 25% on all CKD vehicles with engine capacity of 1400cc and above (with exception of IMV-I Single Cabin), under Sales Tax Act 1990.”

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The government of Pakistan has also increased the sales tax rate on all CKD vehicles with engine capacity of 1400cc and above, which has forced IMC to pass on some of the impact to the market.

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Toyota’s cheapest car, Yaris 1.3MT, will now  sold for Rs4.499 million, and the high-end Toyota Fortuner Legender will cost Rs20.129 million after the price increase.

This is the third time in 2023 that Indus Motor Company has increased the price of Toyota  corolla cars.


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