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PAKISTAN (B – Trams): 

Palm Oil Futures  :As Malaysian palm oil  rise and hit an all-time high  On Friday of MYR 5700 per ton that  concerns over Tight supply and Due to  Indonesia trade policy plan to limit exports of the vegetable Plam oil.

As per International Market Palm oil FCPOc3 may fall towards 5,484 MYR, as it failed to break a resistance at 5,676 MYR per tonne.As We Published Our Article  On  JAN 29 ,2022 By Over Analyst (Abdul Hameed , Director Of Sales Manzoor Trading Co.) The  Next week forecast looks triggered a correction . Now It Happened  against the uptrend from 5,202 ringgit.  simultaneously a narrow rising channel suggests a further drop towards 5,484 ringgit, around which the uptrend may resume.

A ruin above 5,676 MYR ought to cause a advantage to 5,749 MYR. On the every day chart, palm oil failed to interrupt a resistance at 5,641 MYR.This resistance is bolstered through any other one hooked up through a growing trendline. Former resistances furnished through the trendline proved to be powerful in triggering deep drops.

While Pakistan Also  Faced Shortage Of Palm Olein Which Made Influence In the market even though it is not very clear if a deep drop is developing, it is possible that the contract may fall to 5,473 ringgit first, which is close to 5,484 ringgit (hourly chart).




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