Palm OIl May See Shortage Of Supply Globally

Crude Palm Oil Futures

JAKARTA (B – Trams )  Indonesian Government First  Trying To Fullfill Their Domestic Local Dmand Of Palm Oil As Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi On Thursday reviewed implementation of the highest retail price (HET) policy for cooking oil in the Indonesian  market Kramat Jati, JakartaEast.

The Trade Minister Lutfi conveyed the supply of cooking oil to the market people keep walking, and HET cooking oil will be effective in the people’s market in three to the next four days. that cooking oil has been disbursed according to the highest retail price.

He also asked for the cooperation of all parties, from the owners of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) to the owners of cooking oil factories and their distribution.”We are still trying to enter the traditional market, especially for bulk oil according to the price,” 

Also  Director General Of Domestic Trade Of Indonesian Ministry Said, The mechanism Of CPO And OLEIN Export Will Continue As long As  20% of domestic demand  Meanwhile To compliy This it Introduced Domestic Market Bond (DMO) Policy

The Increase Of CPO Price  Pushed By the Fear Of Supply Shortage In Indonesia (World Largest Producer) And Also Caused By Low Production By Various Factors , there is Higher growth of demand then  the Production that Pushed Up Price Increase.While  Malaysia  also  Facing Shortage Of  Labour Thats Causes  Low Production And The Demand Is More Then The Preoduction .


Thanks Abdul Hammed (Analyst)

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