Govt Increase Cooking Oil And Ghee Prices At Utility Stores

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Islamabad: The Federal Government has increased the prices of cooking oil and ghee being sold at Utility Stores across the country. According to the details, the prices of cooking oil and ghee have gone up significantly, while a notification has also been issued in this regard.

Govt Increases Cooking Oil & Ghee Prices at Utility Stores

The notification states the price of ghee in Pakistan has been increased by Rs. 208 per kg, which will now be sold at Rs. 555 per kg at Utility Stores. Meanwhile, the price of cooking oil in Pakistan has been raised by Rs. 213 per litre, bringing the new rate at Rs. 605 per litre.

Furthermore, the new prices of these commodities will be applicable from 1st June 2022 across the country

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