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Planting Reports of US Soy, Corn, Soybean And Wheat


The planting report estimates for U.S.  soy, soybean and corn. may suggest that the soy number is more likely to surprise than the corn number.

However, the trade’s recent record with March corn acres suggests that a significant corn miss should remain a possibility.

While Analysts anticipate plantings of 90.88 million acres of corn and 88.24 million acres of soybeans in the United States in 2023, up 2.6% and 0.9% from the previous year, respectively.

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Traders will compare these figures to those released on Friday by the statistics service of the United States Department of Agriculture planting report will be the first survey-based estimates of spring crop for soybean, soy, corn in the United States.

The 2.3 million-section of land scope of appraisals on soybean sections of land offers a prompt warning as it is the tightest in front of the Walk establishing report since no less than 2007, expanding the chances for a startling number. The five-year average is 4.5 million acres, with 6.2 million acres the year before and 5.5 million acres in 2021.

It haven’t given themselves much leeway to downgrade soybean prices. Only one of the 26 estimates gathered by Reuters predicted fewer soybean acres than the 87.45 million acres of the previous year, and that estimate was only slightly lower.

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Since 2018, March soybean acres have never fallen outside of estimates. However, the USDA’s March corn intentions have fallen short in six of the last seven years, with the exception of 2018, so a surprise is still possible for Friday.

Fortunately, analysts have created a larger buffer than usual, with the largest corn estimate range since 2009 of 4.4 million acres. That contrasts with a seven-year average of 3.05 million and a high of 3.9 million in 2020.

It is essential to note that both the absolute and percentage truth of the trade range statistics—the highest for corn in 14 years and the lowest for soybeans in more than 16 years—is important.

Analysts are optimistic about corn plantings in 2022 because only one of 26 predicted fewer corn acres than last year’s 88.6 million, and that analyst is the only one to guess below 90 million.

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On the off chance that the exchange misses corn or potentially soybean sections of land on Friday, it is a shot in the dark concerning which miss could be bigger. Analysts’ March corn and soy acreages have deviated by 2.2% from USDA figures at the end of March on average over the past five years.

Howerver, Alsp Analysts see all U.S. wheat acres up 6.8% on the year to a seven-year high, incl. modest rises in spring and durum wheat. USDA last month tentatively put all U.S. wheat acres in 2023 at 49.5M, up 8.2% on the year, the biggest yearly rise since 1996.

Meanwhile, USDA  Trade estimates of 2023 that the U.S. cotton and other small grain acres down by 2 mln or (7%) this year. 

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