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Samara Region Have Enough Sunflower, And Seed Reserves In 2022

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Samara Region spoke about plans for the sowing campaign in 2022. Deputy Minister Denis Gerasenkov shared figures on stocks of seeds of popular crops.

Thus, the region is fully provided with sunflower. The need for seeds is 3 million tons, there are already 2.4 million tons, a contract has already been signed for 700 thousand. And if earlier farms also bought imported seed material, now they have been repurposed to work with local producers and Kuban farmers.

The situation with corn is more complicated. To sow the reserved areas, 1.6 million tons of seeds are needed, about a thousand tons are available, and contracts have already been signed for another 660,000.

As the deputy minister noted, the shortage of corn seeds is a global trend, since in the West this crop is used both as a forage base and as fuel. Therefore, the deficit is serious.